they speak in whispers

Mixed media immersive art, 2019
On permanent exhibition in the Search Gallery at Science World BC

they speak in whispers is an immersive mixed media art experience created within the hollow trunk of an old-growth Western red cedar, combined with sights and sounds of an ancient Pacific Northwest forest. The project offers a sense of the forest, from the perspective of a tree. Step inside the cedar and be part of an ecosystem of birds, critters and other ancient trees. Look up and see the sky and forest canopy, listen to the calls of birds and frogs, and the sounds of insects, and feel the tree respond.

They speak in whispers is created from the Wild Empathy team’s video and sound recordings of an old-growth forest on Vancouver Island, BC (read about the sound recording process here). The live soundscape uses computational generative techniques to mimic the biophony of the real-world location (read about the production process here). It includes sonic and tactile qualities to represent a tree’s vital participation in the living ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest forest. Listen (below) to samples from the soundscape.

The interior of They Speak in Whispers, a mixed-media experience at Science World BC using their existing hollow western red cedar. Photo courtesy of Arian Jacobs.